I am asking all parents to take temperatures prior to coming to my home. If your childs temperature is 37.8 or higher I ask that you assess them for other symptoms. Lack of energy, cough, runny nose (not related to allergies or seasonal cold) If your child appears unwell at all please keep home do not give any medication and send to care this will put everyone at risk of being out of care for 14 days and be tested for Covid 19. I will be also checking temperatures (contactless Thermometer) on arrival but if taken at home as well saves everyone the upset of having to be sent away at the door.


I ask that you limit the people dropping off and picking up to limit the risk of spread of any viruses. If a grandparent drops off or picks up regularly I ask that they read the policy's and initial them. I am asking that who ever drops off and picks up that they text me upon arriving and wait for my reply to come to the door. There is hand sanitizer on the green bin by the side door for parents to use. I will meet you at the top landing. I am limiting parents down to the daycare level. If for some reason you do need to come down I ask that you stand back from the gate if any children present. I will try as much as possible to be outside by 4 for outside pick up.


I will ask that every one have a pair of indoor shoes to change into upon arrival. They will all wash hands before they go to play, before meals, after they come from outside play and after sneezing, wiping a nose etc. I will keep surfaces wiped down during the day. I have decreased the amount of toys but still large variety. I will clean toys as needed during the day. I will run play food,baby toys, frequently used toys etc through dishwasher on weekends. Spray room nightly with Lysol. Each child has their own bed and their bedding will be stored in their cubby bin and washed as needed at least once a week.


If we all do our part we should be able to keep everyone safe. If things go crazy again we will revisit everything and deal with it.


This information was provided by Kingston Public Health for questions related to daycare kids and when they show symptoms of Covid. I did specify in my email that this question was from the "unlicenced" daycare provider perspective. What I have posted is what was provided - I don't have any further information that I can provide. I've attached the MOH list of Covid Symptoms as well.

Q - if a child attends daycare with ANY (one or more) covid symptoms, are they to be turned away?

A - Under the current guidelines, they would be turned away during the screening process at the beginning of the day.

Q - if the child is turned away, do they have to quarantine for 14 days or wait until the symptoms go away?

A - If a child is turned away, the daycare would contact the health unit for further instructions. How long the child would have to self-isolate depends on: if they have any COVID exposure, what symptoms they have, when symptoms resolve, COVID test result.

Q - do children who present ANY covid symptoms have to be tested for covid before they can return to daycare?

A - Children who present with COVID symptoms should be tested, or they must self-isolate for 14 days before being able to return to the daycare.

Q - and, for all the other children that were exposed to the child with possible covid symptoms, do they also have to quarantine or get tested?

A - Under the current policies for Daycares, children exposed to the symptomatic child would have to self-isolate until either the symptomatic child’s test results are back or 14 days from their last exposure to the symptomatic child. The daycare would be in contact with the health unit and the daycare would be told when symptomatic child and other exposed children can return.


Here are answers to my questions from Infection Control and Prevention at the KFL&A Health Unit:

We recommend that private home daycare providers follow the same guidance as licenced childcare centre operators as provided by the Ministry of Education ( http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/childcare/child-care-re-opening-operational-guidance.pdf?fbclid=IwAR38KlsHHk6cshIBE0zl4VIYLllKpJ2konoKvM2cwvFqfz5KtsVj6eCQS7I) and by City of Kingston ( file:///C:/Users/User/Downloads/kingston-daycare-reopen-policy.pdf). Please follow the most up to date version of guidance documents when they become available. This guidance includes cleaning and disinfecting all high touch areas in common areas twice daily and as often as necessary, and low touch areas in common areas once daily and as often as necessary. The rationale behind this guidance is to prevent the spread of COVID 19 between people.


Policy of Mandatory wearing of masks in home daycares was revised July 17, 2020.  It is now only highly recommended