My Childcare Philosophy

Children should stay children, enjoy the early years of their life, and have fun everyday. 

Children learn best from experiencing the world around them. Children need quality reliable care in order to thrive and grow.  I believe that care can be provided best in a home daycare where the child interacts with the same caregiver every day and where the number of children cared for is small, where the child to provider ratio is 5 to 1 or less. I am in a "partnership" with my parents in caring for their children.   I have an open door policy and  I encourage parents to ask questions and voice any concerns regarding the care of their child.  I will do my best to accommodate the individual needs and desires of each parent as it pertains to their child.

Learning Through Play

I provide educational learning through play.  I feel our children start school so early that they need a little time to just have fun.  Through play your child will learn about caring and sharing. They will learn colours, their ABC's and 123's for example when playing with blocks: they can count blocks, talk about their colors, size and shape, they can see how high they can build them, they can share them, they can take turns.  They can learn their ABC's and 123's  through rhymes, games, doing puzzles, playing with fridge magnets, fun file folder games and reading books.  But most importantly they can learn "just by being kids".