Our Daily Schedule

Following a daily routine is important for both caregiver and child, however, I also recognize that flexibility and following the child's interests is a must for having a happy and fun filled day. Therefore we have a lightly structured routine which allows for flexiblity and change.  Below is just an example of things we could be doing throughout our day. Schedule change in order to accomodate infant needs for naps etc.

7:00 Drop off - puzzles, books, file folder games, blocks and free play
7:30 breakfast (if required)
8:30 last child usually arrives.  group play: dress up and imaginary play, play doh, thomas the train table, house, puppet play.  Always encouraging sharing, caring, using words, counting, colors, abc.   We attend Outing to playgroups or the library, spashpad, parks etc. when numbers allow safe transportation in van and safety seats.   Walk to park. Infant and toddler carpet and tummy time, music etc.  Naps for infants if required.
9:30 snack
10:00-10:30 circle- songs, stories, felt board, puppets, counting/abc. In nice weather we are outside to play until lunch time. Often do a circle time of songs outside
10:30-11:30 craft time( when ages and time allows)(during nice weather circle/craft time may be shortend or eliminated to increase outdoor time) usually save for rainy days, special holidays, etc.
11:30 return from playgroup / outdoor play or in from outside play if stayed home.
11:45 tv  or quiet play - books, puzzles, dolls, cars etc. while I make lunch
12:00 Lunch
12:30  older children quiet time on cots  with books, puzzles / nap time
2-30-3:30 wake up from nap open play snack 3:30
4:00  play always with interaction working on color recognition, abc, counting, sharing etc
4:00-4:15 tidy up
4:15-5:00 Outdoor play until pick up (weather permitting) or tv like the wiggles so music and action song time.  Music on dancing

 Please note that children are transported in my van on the rare times I have only 3 children ( as that is all the tehter anchors my van has).  I provide child saftey seats.  If you are not willing to allow your children to be transported in my van please inform me at interview.  We walk using a five seater stroller to the Kingston Community Health Centre playgroup as many days a week that weather permits.

We attend various playgroups, library programs and special events.  The children enjoy meeting new friends, circle time, crafts, gym time and just having fun.

Drop In Care- available mon-fri during my regular daycare hours depending on availabilty.  For more details check out Occasional Care page